Beauty at Every Turn: Japan

When one thinks of Japan, you can’t help but remember that this is a country of islands. But wherever you are, whichever way you turn, there is beauty. The Japanese are a people of gardens and caring for plants, nature and even hard landscapes of rocks, boulders, sand and gravel bring joy and peace to both the gardener and the viewer.

Even in the bustle of Tokyo you are never more than 10 minutes from a garden, a temple, water and beauty. It is a place where creating images is not just a joy, it’s a breathtaking experience. This has become one of my favorite recent travel destinations. For more information on my next trip, click here.

© Ron Rosenstock Photography : Tokyo Prism

There is even beauty in unexpected places. This was an escalator in a shopping center near Takeshita Street in Tokyo. Notice that the prism effect has even created the look of a wave at the bottom of the escalator.