For many years people have commented about my wonderful life, traveling all over the world making beautiful photographs.  The truth is... I am a missionary.  My mission is to be one of the caretakers of our world.  I will work at this mission by raising the awareness of as many people as possible.  Awareness of how beautiful and important our planet is.  It is a living-breathing organism.  The American Indians knew that over a thousand years ago and taught it to their children.  Because there are so many of us now living in this technological era of rapid change, we must not only think of earth as 'mother earth' but also as brother, sister, father and lover earth.  We won't make it without her support and she won't make it without ours.

She speaks to us in many languages.  The language of wind, rain, bird song, and a silence so profound, it encourages us to reach into the transcendental to seek the source of that silence.

My desire is to reach as many people as possible and convert them into also being a caretaker.  On the one hand it doesn't take much convincing and yet there are many people who resist it.  But watching the golden leaves fall like snow flakes, watching the waves, listening to nature, sensing nature, all of it stirs within us the call.  The call to join with nature and recognize our true selves.

 My way of reaching people is through my photographs.

Raising consciousness occurs at the moment of recognition. 

We are what we see

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The Culturium:
Haiku Enlightenment

The Images of Ron Rosenstock
Irish Haikus of Gabriel Rosenstock

Haiku: One-breath poetry, traditionally seventeen syllables (5-7-5), now increasingly practised outside Japan as a free-style form, usually in three lines. It owes its impact and inspiration to a meditative flash in which he/she who experiences the haiku moment merges suddenly with perceived phenomena.
— Gabriel Rosenstock

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Read the March article from Worcester Magazine on Ron and his upcoming exhibition at The Sprinkler Factory.

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Tours are now scheduled for 2019 and 2020! 
Destinations will include:
Shetland & Orkney Islands
Death Valley
Prague & Moravian Tuscany
The Lofoten Islands of Norway

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Where is Ron now??

Ron is busy with exhibits, lectures and classes until his next incredible journey.  Follow his journey through his photographic posts on Facebook.

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The Latest From Iceland

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στην Ισλανδία . . .
στη φυλακή ο ήλιος
σήμερα πάλι

An Íoslainn . . .
an ghrian faoi ghlas
arís inniu

Iceland  . . .
the sun imprisoned
again today

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