For many years people have commented about my wonderful life, traveling all over the world making beautiful photographs.  The truth is... I am a missionary.  My mission is to be one of the caretakers of our world.  I will work at this mission by raising the awareness of as many people as possible.  Awareness of how beautiful and important our planet is.  It is a living-breathing organism.  The American Indians knew that over a thousand years ago and taught it to their children.  Because there are so many of us now living in this technological era of rapid change, we must not only think of earth as 'mother earth' but also as brother, sister, father and lover earth.  We won't make it without her support and she won't make it without ours.

She speaks to us in many languages.  The language of wind, rain, bird song, and a silence so profound, it encourages us to reach into the transcendental to seek the source of that silence.

My desire is to reach as many people as possible and convert them into also being a caretaker.  On the one hand it doesn't take much convincing and yet there are many people who resist it.  But watching the golden leaves fall like snow flakes, watching the waves, listening to nature, sensing nature, all of it stirs within us the call.  The call to join with nature and recognize our true selves.

 My way of reaching people is through my photographs.

Raising consciousness occurs at the moment of recognition. 

We are what we see

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Tours are now scheduled for 2018 and 2019!  Destinations will include:
Death Valley
Prague & Moravian Tuscany
The Lofoten Islands of Norway

50 Years With My Camera: 
A Personal Journey from 1968 to 2018
Exhibition at the Worcester Center for Crafts

Join Ron for a 50 year Retrospective of his photographic work at the Worcester Center for the Arts through March 3rd.  He will be giving an Artist's Talk on Saturday, February 10th and a one-day workshop on Creating Your Personal Vision.  This is the most comprehensive collection of Ron's hand-picked images that represent his 50 years behind the lens.  For more information, click here.

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The Latest From Iceland

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στην Ισλανδία . . .
στη φυλακή ο ήλιος
σήμερα πάλι

An Íoslainn . . .
an ghrian faoi ghlas
arís inniu

Iceland  . . .
the sun imprisoned
again today

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Where is Ron now??

Ron is busy with exhibits, lectures and classes until his next incredible journey.  Follow his journey through his photographic posts on Facebook.

To follow my journey in real time, please check out my Facebook page.

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It’s been just over 50 years since a man clutching a handful of brochures walked into a Cambridge camera shop and changed Ron Rosenstock’s life forever. The man was Minor White, the influential American photographer and teacher.
— Worcester Telegram Article on the 50 year Retrospective

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Recently released ... "Emptiness"

Grateful thanks Gabriel!
The gift book of your haiku and Ron’s photographs is stunning! Wonderful in all regards and filled with truly haunting images by Ron that go so beautifully with your poetry responses ...
So glad to see this masterpiece collaboration between you two .. Emptiness is filled with a brilliance of feeling for the ephemeral, the emptiness and the expanse of spaces that bring us further into our heart and soul on this journey through the always now..
— Gratefully, Tom Clausen

"Emptiness sounded like a good title for this new book with Ron Rosenstock, the American master photographer whose life quest has been to expose with his lens those prayerful moments that illumine themselves in haiku" - Gabriel Rosenstock

Click here to read the review of "Emptiness"
in The Irish Times.

"Emptiness", a collaborative digital work of text and image that draws out what lies 'between the finite and the infinite'. The scenes captured through Ron's photography, devoid of human figures, allow us to re-engage with these environments through the unique moments of stillness which photography and poetry allow.  In turns meditative and precise, the haiku form, composed in Irish and English by Gabriel Rosenstock and accompanied by Japanese translations by Mariko Sumikura, enables Gabriel to explore these scenes for their traces of history and the revelations which can be attained from them, extending across languages and landscapes.

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