The Beauty of Infrared

Infrared does not pretend to be realistic; it is a tool that I can use to interpret the scene before me with new eyes. It reveals a marvelous world where blue skies are almost black, and white clouds float in sharp contrast to the sky. Infrared transforms vegetation into bright, shimmering foliage. Trees and plants dance against old stone walls and against a dramatic sky. Human faces take on an alabaster glow. Infrared is a new way to view the world.

Do you know the amount of light that is actually visible to the eye?  If the entire measurable spectrum of light was a line from N.Y to Los Angeles, then the visible spectrum of light would fit into a space the size of a dime on that line.  

To me that means that what we see represents our entire reality but our reality is quite small when compared to what we can't see.  What does that say about our perception of reality?   Do we actually live in a very small part of all possible realities?  The answer is yes, yet we are sure that what we see with our limited vision is all there is.  

This concept is what has drawn me into the world of Infrared Photography.  In this vast invisible world of light, music and art moves into what we can feel in lieu of what we cannot see.  Hence the title of my DVD “The Light Within” .   

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If you love infrared photography, then you will love my book  The Invisible Light.  This is a stunning book of my infrared photographs with poetry by the incredible Irish poet Gabriel Rosenstock.  It contains 25 infrared images with Gabriel's poems in English, Irish, Spanish and Japanese.  It is a very special book to me, and I hope it will be for you as well.  Every copy is personally signed.

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© Ron Rosenstock Photography

© Ron Rosenstock Photography

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In response to the sublimely beautiful nature photography of American master photographer Ron Rosenstock, Eugene Skeef, the widely acclaimed South African composer and musician based in London, has created a breathtaking soundscape to complement his images. Many of these images are from the collection of Ron's Infrared Photography Art known around the world.  Internationally renowned poet Gabriel Rosenstock also contributes sensitive, finely-honed haiku, in Irish and English, to this unique multimedia project.

This is The Light Within … 

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