Greenland: The Last Frontier

There is an old travelers' saying that if you've seen the entire world, there's always Greenland.  It is no exaggeration. The sheer scale of icebergs, the feeling of traveling by water, the sculptural quality of the landscape which changes as you're watching.  If you are looking for the edge of the world, you will find it here ...

© Ron Rosenstock Photography

I recently experienced my first trip to Greenland and I cannot wait to go back.  Every minute is filled with another astonishing subject to photograph, another incredible towering ice sculpture, an amazing skyscape. 

Join me for a journey to the edge of the earth.  

My next trip to Iceland and Greenland
is in August of 2015.

taibhríodh an Sfioncs
do chnoc oighir -
Tasiilaq sa Ghraonlainn

an iceberg
dreamed of the Sphinx -
Tasiilaq in Greenland
- Haiku in Irish & English by Gabriel Rosenstock

© Ron Rosenstock Photography Tasiilaq sa Ghraonlainn, Greenland