For many years people have commented about my wonderful life, traveling all over the world making beautiful photographs.  The truth is... I am a missionary.  My mission is to be one of the caretakers of our world.  I will work at this mission by raising the awareness of as many people as possible.  Awareness of how beautiful and important our planet is.  It is a living-breathing organism.  The American Indians knew that over a thousand years ago and taught it to their children.  Because there are so many of us now living in this technological era of rapid change, we must not only think of earth as 'mother earth' but also as brother, sister, father and lover earth.  We won't make it without her support and she won't make it without ours.

She speaks to us in many languages.  The language of wind, rain, bird song, and a silence so profound, it encourages us to reach into the transcendental to seek the source of that silence.

My desire is to reach as many people as possible and convert them into also being a caretaker.  On the one hand it doesn't take much convincing and yet there are many people who resist it.  But watching the golden leaves fall like snow flakes, watching the waves, listening to nature, sensing nature, all of it stirs within us the call.  The call to join with nature and recognize our true selves.

 My way of reaching people is through my photographs.

Raising consciousness occurs at the moment of recognition. 

We are what we see

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"Life Lighting His Lens"

a feature in The Mayo News, County Mayo, Ireland

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From the Photographic Shop

Ron Rosenstock 2016 Calendar

This wonderful photographic calendar of 12 of Ron Rosenstock's favorite images will be for the benefit The Islands Community Medical Center of Vinalhaven, Maine where Ron has spent more than 30 years.  Interested in joining Ron on his next trip to Vinalhaven?  Check out upcoming tours by clicking here.

If you'd like to see a pdf of this beautiful calendar, click here.

Inspirations: Photographs of Iceland

This incredible hardcover book of 54 photographs by Ron Rosenstock accompanies his exhibit at The National Museum of Iceland in Reykjavik, Iceland.  It includes black and white as well as infrared images from years of journeys around the geothermal island.  

The Light Within DVD

In response to the sublimely beautiful nature photography of American master photographer Ron Rosenstock, Eugene Skeef, the widely acclaimed South African composer and musician based in London, has created a breathtaking soundscape to complement the images. Internationally renowned poet Gabriel Rosenstock, contributes sensitive, finely-honed haiku, in Irish and English, to this unique multimedia project. This is The Light Within …

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