Photographing in Italy with Ron Rosenstock

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Photographing in Italy with Ron Rosenstock


One of Ron's Travel Photographic Series, this DVD takes you along with Ron on one of his guided photo tours of Florence, Tuscany and Venice.  Let him show you the buildings, landscapes and towns to which he loves to return again and again.  

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Reviews for "Photographing in Italy" with Ron Rosenstock:

"From its unique hilltowns with their surrounding landscapes, to its smallest villages of intimate charm, the beauty of Italy is a gift to any visitor, especially those who wish to experience that beauty through their own eyes. For photographers and the culturally -minded, its Renaissance architecture, its abundance of artworks, valleys and vineyards, hushed cloisters and church interiors, miraculous canals, not to mention its food and wine, Italy is a cornucopia of visual treasures. 

Insight into three of this country’s jewels   --   Florence, Tuscany and Venice   -   is offered and well-documented on a new DVD by Ron Rosenstock, well-known photographer, teacher, author, and leader of photographic and cultural tours. Over a period of nearly forty years, Ron has lead more than 200 groups to all parts of the world. These “homes away from home” are places which he knows like the palm of his hand, in the same way that a native of Venice would navigate through its narrowest alleys without giving it much thought.

In each of its three chapters, Ron takes his would-be travelers on a pictorial tour, with commentary, to unusual vantage points otherwise not seen by the average visitor. His eye for detail finds remarkable compositions in the facade of Florence’s Duomo; his pathways in Tuscany come upon vistas of cypress trees, dawn mists and evening colors which take your breath away; and his nighttime photography is used to startling advantage along the streets, bridges and canals of Venice. In fact, the section of color images made on Venice’s nearby island of Burano is a highlight on its own.

Using a mix of color and black-and-white, film as well as digital, he entices the viewer into joining him for a photographic trip which can become the memory of a lifetime. As my wife exclaimed when the DVD came to its close, “I just want to be  there!” You probably will too." - Robert Preston

"I just wanted to write and to thank you for producing your Italy Photographic Travelogue. Wow! A great piece. Having been to many of the areas you feature in your travelogue, I thought I knew the area. You have made me see it in a whole new light. Stunning photography with just the right blend of narration, insights and music. Makes me want to go back right now! I am eagerly awaiting DVD shows of your other travels.  Thank you again for producing this wonderful piece. Just the thing to help chase away the winter time blues!" - Wayne C. Pearson

"It is clear from this DVD that Rosenstock is a wise teacher, as well as a marvelous photographer. His striking photos underscore two of his mantras: light is the photographers pallet; and, sometimes, in photography, the part is greater than the whole. His subjects, which range from Florence’s magnificent Duomo, to colorful laundry hanging on a line in Burano, Venice, bring these assertions to life.   I work at the information desk in a public library, and I frequently get asked for travel information for Italy. I can assure you that I am putting this DVD at the top of my list of recommendations." - Stan Haney

"Ron Rosenstock’s DVD photographic tour of Italy provides a rare pleasure indeed, not only a rush of joyful memories of my own Italian travels, but also the opportunity to approach the architecture and landscape of that beautiful country as seen through the eyes of a true  and dedicated artist. The images are far beyond even very fine travel photos. This is not surprising considering Rosenstock’s distinguished career: his many exhibits, his books, and his work’s representation in the permanent collections of topnotch museums. These photographs are art and as such they provide a window into the process of the artist who made them as well as a springboard for the viewer’s personal reactions. 

The warmth, enthusiasm, and joy of Ron Rosenstock’s narration are inspiring. To imagine waking up before dawn to get certain shots or being ever ready and prepared for a moment’s serendipity begins to draw the possibilities of the medium to the devoted amateur or to the student who aspires to a career in photography. Ron’s excitement is palpable and, in turn, is exciting!

 Seeing these images of intimate interiors or country landscapes in varied light and technique presents Italy in an intimate and complex context. Learning to look and to develop one’s sensibilities as well as technical skills under the guidance of Ron Rosenstock is sure to result in rewards on many levels. I recommend highly both the DVD and his travel workshops." -Victoria R. Mulligan

"Betty and I have been to Italy at least 40 or 50 times. Take it from me, you have captured its beauty and relevance as a respite from this flailing world of ours. Your love for this marvel was echoed in your images and heard in your reverence on your first DVD. You are now an indelible part of it all.

The wall between art and travelogue, as thick and intimidating as the medieval fortress wall surrounding the city state of San Gimignano, has been breached by possibly the only fine art photographer capable of doing so.  Ron’s love for the art of photography and his passion for his beloved Italy pours out of every image and narrative." -  Don Kellin

"After watching the DVD “The Italy I Love”, I want to pack my bags, grab my camera and take the next flight to Italy. Ron Rosenstock’s photographs are inspiring, the music soothing and the narration informative. Having been to Italy before, I recognized a number of the locations which makes me all the more anxious to return to photograph them anew. I would recommend this DVD to any photographer planning a trip to Florence, Tuscany or Venice." - Leslie Weidenman