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Prague and the Moravian Tuscany

Welcome to Prague, the Capital of the Czech Republic. Praha (The name of the city in Czech) is known as the pearl of Europe, it is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled cities in Europe. Here, the natural forms of the land and the river have been enhanced by ten centuries of constructing a significant cultural center. Although the city was isolated behind the Iron Curtain for more than forty years, it has now resumed its place as a major intellectual center of Europe.

For six centuries it has remained nearly untouched by war, leaving intact stunning examples from the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo architectural styles. We will have excellent opportunities to photograph the famous Charles Bridge, the Town Square and narrow alleyways. Later in the tour there will be a day trip to visit the internment camp at Terezin.

Departing Prague for a few days, we move on to the Czech Republic countryside. Czech Republic is proud of the fact that UNESCO lists so many buildings, monuments and natural areas as 'World Heritage' sites of outstanding aesthetic, scientific or historical nature. Kutna Hora was added to the itinerary with great success, where you will photograph the lovely St. Barbara’s Church and Italian Court.

In 2017 Strabo made the addition of Moravian Tuscany, which was a highlight of the tour. It is a very picturesque region in the southern part of Moravia, located in the Hodonín District, near the town of Kyjov. Lastly you will explore Cesky Krumlov, with its Gothic border castle, rebuilt into a huge Renaissance chateau by thirteenth century Italian architects; it is second only to Prague Castle as a fortified Bohemian palace and citadel. The last days provide us with an open schedule so we can return to photograph favorite places in Prague.

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