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Scotland Photo Adventure to Shetland and Orkney Islands

We are very pleased to announce this photo tour to Scotland featuring the Orkney and Shetland Islands. Each day will be at a relaxed pace, allowing enough time to photograph the diverse landscape as well as taking in the local history, people, and culture.

On Orkney we will explore amazing megalithic sites, including Maes Howe, a 5000-year-old chambered tomb, the finest in Western Europe. It was built before 2,700 BC to align with the winter solstice. Vikings plundered the tomb around 1150, and their graffiti is itself a treasure of ancient linguistic inscriptions. Even better known, is the astonishing prehistoric village, Skara Brae, inhabited from about 3,100 BC, until buried by shifting sands. A storm uncovered the remains in 1850.

You will have long hours of light to photograph the amazing Ring of Brodgar, a massive stone circle that was built over 5000 years ago. We will also visit the Viking Cathedral in the village of Kirkwall, and the picturesque town of Stromness, which is wonderful for photographing at night.

The Shetland Islands is a group of over a hundred cliff-edged islands forming the most northerly domain of Scotland. Shetlanders are a friendly people with a distinctive dialect derived from their long connection with Norway. Nowhere in Shetland is further than 3 miles from the sea; hence, fishing and salmon farming play an important role in the economy. Fine beaches and pretty inlets provide the visitor with lengths of striking coastline. Jarlshof Prehistoric and Norse Settlement, in the extreme south, is an archaeological site spanning 3,000 years from Neolithic to Viking times. Lerwick, Shetland’s chief town, is attractive, with flag-stoned wynds (narrow lanes), grey stone buildings and old ‘lodberries’ (houses with a private pier). We are sure to visit the Clickimin Broch (prehistoric fort), and possibly the austere Mousa Broch on Mousa Island.

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