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The Spectacle of East Greenland

East Greenland has to be the most remote region of the world that Strabo Photo Tour Collection has travelled to. It’s isolated yet a very special place, with a different language, and culture. Ron Rosenstock attended a scouting tour to this region in September of 2014 and is excited to return and share it with you. We have combined East Greenland with the Southern Coast of Iceland, including the round trip flight for the group to Greenland.

East Greenland is just a short flight from Iceland but its culture and landscapes are a world away. In a land dominated by the Ice Cap and impossibly steep mountain ranges, 3,500 people have made their home. You’ll travel by boat each day, photographing the amazing glaciers, icebergs, remote land, and seascapes. East Greenlandic culture is deeply rooted in myths and legends, often expressed in bone and rock carvings, but at the same time it is a globally connected culture with strong hunting roots and an everyday spirit of adventure. You will then return to Iceland, where you will travel to the southeast coast, with its remote landscape of the glacier lagoon Jökulsárlón, taking advantage of impromptu photographic stops en-route.

On this exclusive expedition, view towering icebergs in Greenland and volcanic pillars of Iceland, hike to stunning waterfalls, and bask in ancient geyser springs. Photographing Icelandic horse farms, volcanoes, hot springs, and glaciers influencing the look and feel of the country. At every turn, the vistas will astound you. Join us on this adventure of our planets most fascinating and unique environments.

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