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Seeing Cuba Through Your Lens

Americans are able to travel under a new 'people-to-people' program, which includes daily activities, immersing you into the heart and soul of Cuba. Designed as a cultural and historical program, it will also provide dramatic photographic opportunities each day. From the hustle and bustle of Old Havana, to the slower paced countryside of the Pinar del Rio and Zapata Provinces, includes an overnight stay on the southern coast beach at Playa Larga, on the Bay of Pigs. Visualize the appeal of this country that has been closed off to Americans for decades. Allow Ron Rosenstock to assist you in capturing the allure of this amazing country through your lens.

You will be immersed in the rich culture, and strong willed people of Havana as well as the spectacular UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage site of the Valley of the Sugar Mills, and the colonial town of Trinidad on Cuba’s southern coast. This is a perfect introduction in to the people of Cuba, who are friendly and open. You will find so many wonderful faces to photograph in the cities and the countryside. There are those in Havana, that earn a living this way, and those that are just as pleased to be photographed looking for nothing in return other than perhaps a pencil/pen or small bar of soap or shampoo. You will be amazed at what a kind gesture can do, bringing you wonderful smiles in return!!

Wander and explore with Ron through Havana’s colonial architecture, while watching the antique vehicles pass you by. There will be daily educational programs given by your local guide, where you will learn about the arts, traditional music, dance, artistry, rum factory exploration, and visiting with local families of Havana’s diverse neighborhoods, and the sugar and tobacco farmers of the countryside.
Participants should know that Cuba is a special destination, please understand that all elements of the itinerary are subject to change and that activities listed are examples of opportunities that will present themselves. Since the program is authorized by the U.S. Treasury Department, we have to abide by any changes to regulations that may take place. Please remain flexible as there are often circumstances beyond control and changes may be necessary. Be assured that all efforts will be made to provide a comparable alternative should an item on the itinerary need to be changed.

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