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"Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful Italy trip.  You did a great job of showing us all the beautiful areas that we would not have seen on our own. I keep trying to decide what of the three places (Florence, Tuscany, or Venice)I enjoyed the most but can not decide. The early morning shots were the best thing too." - C. Sackett

"This trip exceeded expectations by far! This was the result of your continuing concerns and interest in presenting to us so many aspects and views of Ireland." - J. Bromley

"It is a photographers paradise-so much to shoot and in the most incredible light. But what makes Ron's trip special is RON. Ron takes care of his people. Even the most timid, first time traveler is included, drawn out, mentored and educated. I truly look forward to exploring elsewhere under such positive circumstances." - B. Bartel

"Your talk on photography and the spirituality of photography was a great revelation for me as I have always felt this way about it myself. Your talk was the affirmation I had been searching for. It was great beyond words to be participating with a group of Artists who were as passionate as I about photography and image making." - M. Maclaughlin

"Many thanks for a wonderful trip. The photography has been most productive, but more importantly your insight into creativity will prove most helpful in the future. I hope to be making an other trip with you next year.  Thanks again." - F. Mertes

"Ron was great, as usual - very open, fair, positive, and inspiring. Local guide was wonderful - extremely knowledgable about Iceland and just about everything. Never stopped working. Iceland had a great balance, the pace was active but not overwhelming. The sights visited were all worthwhile, and I enjoyed the flexibility of stopping for interesting shoots." - N. Taveras

"Ron really was dedicated, and worked diligently to accomplish showing us the Ireland that he loves. Ron also has a wonderful personality for a tour leader: open, and humorous!" - J. Bromley

"It is obvious that Ron loves what he is doing. From start to finish he is helpful, knowledgeable, gets to know everyone and gives extra assistance where needed." - K. Clarkin

"Ron's attention to detail had a direct impact on the participants' experience. He was always available to answer technical questions when asked." - L. Poirier

"What is a trip to Italy like with Ron? Lets see... Unbelievable food and fabulous accommodations.... Golden sunsets in rolling hills covered with ancient vineyards and olive trees... Wonderful and unusual people who make every experience special... Visits to special places I'd never find on my own... The time to explore tiny little towns with my camera... and the camaraderie of a group of people who are just as excited as I to be there and explore. And then there's Ron, who's list of friends all over the world are delighted to see us and extend their hospitality like we were family. Ron, who makes sure everyone is getting what they want from their trip while he enjoys each journey as if it were his own first moment of discovery. I can't wait to return." - M. Russo

"Ron, thank you especially for helping me see the beauty of clouds, of reflections of reeds in water, of silvery halos illuminating foxgloves in the forest, and of sunshine-patterned abbey windows on wet gravestones. Thanks to you, I leave with a new appreciation for the wonder and beauty of the world." - J. Mitchell

"Ron was a perfect trip leader. He dealt with all personalities of the group in a tactful manner. He made decisions based on what was best for all. He'’s got a special talent." - J. & B. Cummings

"Wonderful! I thank you, Ron, for one of the most memorable experiences I have ever encountered! What a delight. And loved that all the participants were gentle and loving and kind!" - J. Dunne

"Ron is passionate, professional, easily shared his experiences and photography of Iceland- even more of his photo's would be welcomed. Stefan is charming, super knowledgeable Icelandic native, with wonderful connections, wonderful tales, sagas, insights into the Icelandic culture. All we needed was great spots - amply provided." - G. Frederick

"Ron was great, not only was he open and knowledgeable as an instructor, but a wonderful person. Couldn’t have asked for better." - N. Taveras

"Ron, you provided ample opportunities to capture the essence of the landscape. However, I cherish most your times of sharing on creating your images, and the suggestions and comments you gave me regarding my own photographs. I am often recalling something you said or an image comes to mind as I contemplate some scene. I expect to see long-term results from my time with you." - D. Lusk

"I really appreciated Ron's knowledge of the area and his passion for photography. It is great to have a leder who understands the importance of lighting and who is willng to get up early to capture the early morning lighting. Without Ron's guidance there were many great shots that i would not have captured. Thanks for a great trip Ron, and I hope to meet up with you again in the future." - P. Rice

"This was an amazing experience, the best photographs I've ever made, nice group of people, Ron ensured we really had the time at each location, totally, totally wonderful. It was a hard trip compared to most, but very rewarding. There's a higher physical requirement than other trips but totally do-able by the average healthy person." - M. Russo

"Ron is excellent. I've been with him 3 times before and he is just outstanding. He has always been good about answering any questions participants may have." - T. Babich

"This was such a wonderful trip. Ron was a brilliant, kind, sensitive, and talented photographer. He shared his information freely, and had a great sense of hummor." - S. Musmumeci

"Trip score 20 out of 10!!!  I guess the score tells it all. What an unbelievable asset Ron is!" - B. Hayes

"Ron is my idea of the quintessential photo tour guide. He was happy to share his professional experience, knowledge and tricks of the trade with us. His love of Ireland, its people, history, architecture, and landscape came to life for us through Ron’s sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant, always interesting stories." - S. Cocanour

This was a great program. Ron is all about travel...and teaching. He had a great selection of destinations. And he remembers all the names and pronunciations of places.  My takeaways were that he described that it's about the light. 'Light is your palette'.  Specifically shadows and highlights. An interesting point was his use of vignetting. Yes it's common. Yes, many of us do this on many of our images. But he made me realize just how important it is but you don't have to be heavy handed with it." - B. Bragdon

"Love how he breaks the usual 'judging rules' for the sake of art!" - N. Fleming

"I was struck by Ron's comment that the subject is not the image; the image is your interpretation of the subject." - J. Rich

"Excellent program! I loved how his skillful use of light added so much impact to his images." - L. Galluzzo

"I really enjoyed Ron's Program. His insight into light was wonderful. A great travel log that wants me to travel to some of the more exotic places to capture for myself some of this delightful world we live in.  Loved his ease of presentation. Hardly knew he was talking for almost two full hours." - S. Adams

"Refreshing...insightful...imaginative...  These are just some words that came to mind last night during Ron Rosenstock’s presentation.  Hearing people talk about 'interpretative' photography these days is about as rare as finding diamonds in your backyard.  We constantly hear drum rolls about the latest/greatest cameras, huge lenses, and the finer points of documenting reality.  But, creating a great image has more to do with using your mind’s eye and it’s sense of balance to bring out the photograph’s true essence and spirit.  After seeing Ron’s gorgeous images from around the world, I would say he’s a real gem!" - N. Hrul