Thinking About Icebergs

I recently created an exhibition of my images of icebergs, mainly from my recent trips to Greenland.  This is a place that has surprised me every time I go with its unexpected swirls of ice and the incredible play of light on surfaces.  I even had a moment at the opening of this exhibition, where someone looking at one of my images pointed out the the reflection in the water of an iceberg was different than the iceberg image that was being reflected. 

It looked as though the iceberg itself had no definition towards the ground.  But in fact, both the light and the angle captured the reflection above this area.  This may have been because this seemingly immense lake was actually a rather small pool of water and my camera angle was from the ground.  Amazing how the smallest shifts in light, reflection and angle can create an incredible image and curiosity at the same time...

My photographs of Icebergs were made in the spirit of revealing the awesome beauty of these massive ice sculptures. Although the photographs represent moments in time, I seek the infinite within the finite, the eternal moment.  Icebergs reflect our own transient state. We are born, continually grow and evolve until we finally leave by reuniting with where we came from. We are all linked to the mysteries of our universe.