The Escape of the Suitcase

I have been on the go so much lately and through so many time zones that it becomes difficult to keep my focus, literally!  Today my wife and I were packing the car for our run to the airport to catch our flight to Ireland.

I was bringing out my suitcase to the car, opened the trunk and then noticed that our beloved birdbath was missing from the yard.  So I set the suitcase down and ran in to tell her that the birdbath had been pilfered from the yard!  But in fact, she had brought it into the garage!  I clearly informed her that the birds were already missing it and it was unfair to deprive them of their birdbath just because the weather was a bit cooler and we were going to be away.  

So I obviously needed to rectify this erroneous situation, and dragged it out of the garage and placed it back in its spot with its little feet in exactly the correct spot to the side of the driveway. Now I was happy that I had restored the birdbath to its proper location and returned to the back of the car only to discover that while I was doing this, someone had stolen my suitcase!  Right out of my driveway!  I looked everywhere, and discovered much to my dismay that it was face down at the bottom of the driveway, half out in the road just waiting for some car to come screaming around the corner and flatten it.  

So the moral of the story is either get more sleep so you can keep your focus on what you're doing, or make sure you don't repave your driveway so there are sufficient ruts to keep your runaway suitcase from becoming an attractive pancake.