A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Today is my last full day in Greenland.  We have agreed to make the most of it by meeting at 7 A.M. down at the dock by the filling station.  We traveled by boat for almost an hour and a half in order to arrive at the moraine of a very large glacier.  The moraine of a glacier is the accumulated debris that the glacier has picked up on its journey.  Often, at the edge of a glacier, melting is taking place and the debris becomes freed from the glacier itself.  This can create stunning visual shapes and colors in the ice, along with boulders, volcanic ash and even soil that can be ancient.  Debris can be frozen within a glacier for centuries, so the melting edge can expose things that have not been seen by man ever.  

Moored near the melting edge, we witnessed huge crashes as tremendous floes of ice broke away from the glacier causing a sea swell that continued for miles.  Always wanting to get the best images, it is important to know your limits.  Given the unpredictability of any glacier, we made sure we could get as close as possible without risking our safety or our equipment!  But it is an experience that is hard to describe.  

From there we went to another small Inuit settlement and spent the rest of the day exploring and experiencing this frontier life.  After a picnic lunch we relaxed and then made our way back to the boat for the trip back to our own settlement, Tasiilaq.

So much of this trip has been indescribable.  I can only hope my images provide the words that I cannot find.  

Source: http://www.greenland.com